About Jeremy Julian Greco

Jeremy Julian Greco, a San Francisco-based actor, director and writer, penned The Thrilling Adventures of Elvis in Space and The Thrilling Adventures II: Elvis Rex, after he had a dream about Elvis living on a secret base on the moon.  Both plays were set to the tale of Oedipus, performed in the style of a 1940s serial radio show and premiered at the San Francisco Fringe Festival to sold out crowds.   Elvis in Space was featured on Pirate Cat Radio for 6 consecutive weeks.

Greco’s first solo show, With Held, directed by Mark Kenward, was based on six months of interviews with San Francisco artist and writer John Held Jr.

The show examines survival techniques of an artist living with daily realities. Greco has performed With Held at Ever Gold Gallery, The Marsh, CounterPulse, Salon San Carlos, San Francisco Fringe Festival, The Rogue Festival in Fresno and at the Marin Fringe Festival, where Greco won a Critics’ Circle Best Actor Award for his portrayal of the artist. In 2013, the Huffington Post wrote, “With Held is a quietly transformative work, insightful, compelling, humorous, and ripe with the stage should always possess – pathos.

In 2012, Greco played “Cousin Bubba” on the Discovery ID television show, “I (Almost) Got Away With It.” He has also performed in Woody Allen’s God: A Play at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Greco has recently performed excerpts of his newest solo work, Keeping Up with the Jorgensons, at The Marsh. The play is based on a true story of a childhood road trip with his week-end father to Orange County to the most magical place on Earth – Disneyland.

In addition to writing and acting, Greco directed John Hamilton’s play, The Stetson Manifesto, for the 2007 SF Fringe Festival. His multi-dimensional range in the theater was developed at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and with David Ford at The Marsh.




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